Huck Cancer 2017 Calendar

A Friends of Ryan West Fundraiser

In the fall of 2015, Ryan West was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer. His doctors moved quickly to begin treatment, starting chemotherapy in early October. It has now officially been one year of treatment, and his battle continues.

Ryan has touched the lives of so many people over the last 30+ years. People from all paths of Ryan’s life, both current and decades past, began expressing their support after the initial diagnosis, quickly followed by posts and photos detailing their memories with Ryan. Memories of when they met, a favorite time together, and even moments when Ryan had done something to change their life.

While Ryan is fortunate enough to have health insurance, it doesn’t begin to cover all of the costs associated with this battle. His money goes toward specialist visits, chemotherapy and other prescription medications, along with various diagnostic procedures. As the length of this disease is still unknown and with the recent setbacks Ryan has experienced, he will increasingly need to cover more costs.

With that in mind, a fundraiser was started to help Ryan with his treatment (, giving everyone the opportunity, as unfortunate as it is, to give back to someone who has given so much to all of us. It continued with a fundraising night where everyone gathered to win raffle prizes, have a few too many drinks and gamble on some horses. And it continues with this calendar.

The cost of the calendar includes printing and shipping. All proceeds will go toward Ryan’s continued treatment.

To stay updated on the #RyFight, go to:


If ordered after December 22, 2016, the calendar will not be mailed until after January 2, 2017.





Price: $25.00

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